Golden Anniversary Celebration...

Let me welcome everyone to Piatti’s,
For quite a special occasion.
And thank you all for coming,
To Gary and Nancy’s celebration.

Not all couples make it to 50.
But growing up, we all saw the signs.
Of love, laughter, and partnership.
And probably a whole lot of wine.

We’ve seen it our entire lives.
What a true marriage looks like.
They are always there for each other,
And for us when we fell off our bikes.

It takes courage to make such a hard decision
To ensure your child has the life you envision
Being a mom is something I was born to do
For considering me, let me first say thank you

A family is defined in so many different ways
I look forward to sharing my love every day
I’ll share your story and the courage you displayed
And because of you, a new family’s been made

They will have your smile and they will have your eyes
And they will have my heart at each shared sunrise
no unwanted children, just unfound families
Finding each other will be our true destiny

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Celebration of Life...

From Myself, Laurie, and Eddie,
As a dad, you were like no other.
Your love for us knew no bounds,
Only surpassed by the love for our mother.

You were always there for us.
For the good times and also, the bad.
I know we tested you many times,
But there was never a better dad.

So many memories growing up.
Camping, fishing, and playing ball.
You always put your family first,
And in our eyes, were 9 foot tall.